5 Best Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Kassy Pajarillo gives us the rundown on the “5 Best Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”


Re-Evaluating Your Business Strategy

The restaurant business isn’t easy. Even though your menu might be popular, the competition you face plays a very important factor, especially in the Philippines with new food parks popping on every corner. Erik Lorenzo Galvez shares his journey of entrepreneurship on Daily Insight with his restaurant BeefX Burgers. There are ups and downs, but Erik explains that the key for longevity is resilience. He also introduces his newest business venture, Turo-Turo Online, catering to a market of professionals who are too busy to cook.

Erik shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to enter the food industry, to help them realize when it is time reevaluate your business strategy.